6 Marketplaces for NFT Trades – The Complete Guide


NFTs are gaining more and more momentum in the era of digitalization. They act as digital assets and have successfully driven many in this field of buying and selling them. As a result, increased non-fungible token development services came into action and now provide NFT-trade across the internet. Across the online premises, you can find plenty of Markets out there that can assist you in buying and selling NFTs (non-fungible tokens) ever so seamlessly.

Not long ago, NFTs were a fairytale and only restricted to some fields of use. But today, they’ve evolved quite heavily. As a result, we can find NFTs in almost every section of the digital arena. Then again, it has more considerable growth potential for way beyond. For that, we need to look into the future. Because it will make an intense boom than it has done now. Thereby, please don’t waste any more time and invest in NFT game development services as it proves to be a lucrative business.

So, if you’re curious about the best NFT Marketplaces to mint your NFTs, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will walk you through the Top 6 marketplaces for buying and selling NFTs. Go NFT!

Top 6 NFT Marketplaces For Buying and Selling

It’s essential to know; that when it comes to NFT Marketplaces, you comparatively have a lot of options. Luckily, we have pulled together the best Non-Fungible Token Marketplaces and significantly narrowed down your options so that you have a viable choice, however.

1 – OpenSea

You can buy, sell, and more than that, create NFTs using OpenSea. On the bright side, on OpenSea, you can view hundreds of NFTs sub categorically corresponding to their features. Initially, it made its appearance in 2018, and since then, it’s growing quite dramatically, not to mention it contains over 24,000 subscribers currently. When it comes to buying, selling, and creating NFTs, OpenSea comes first since it’s the topmost growing marketplace out there. We recommend choosing this platform due to its high credibility for its users.

Besides, famous celebrities such as Mark Cuban, Chamath Palihapitiya, and Logan Paul have also acknowledged this platform for its cutting-edge and streamlined features. On the other end, it’s one of the largest NFT marketplaces where a high volume of NFTs trades are sustained almost every day. Most recently, OpenSea has declared supporting exchange over the immutable X decentralized protocol. This platform ensures high scalability and zero gas fees as well. Thereby, it stands as the right choice.

2 – Rarible

If you’re looking other than OpenSea, look no further. Rarible is also as good as OpenSea. You can access this marketplace to mint your NFT seamlessly. Rarible is pushing all boundaries and managed to become the most trusted NFT marketplace by offering the user’s intellectual property rights. More to that, users have fundamental rights over its NFT in Rarible. That includes its Decentralized Autonomous Organization quality. Furthermore, for a non-custodial NFT marketplace, Rarible is the way to.

Rarible revealed itself in the markets in 2020 and also came up with its own cryptocurrency known as RARI. More importantly, this marketplace stands in no contract with any of the other marketplaces mentioned in this blog. It’s reliable, credible, decentralized, Ethereum-based, and favored by many. Above all, Rarible has made some enormous turnovers up until now, which shows NFT collectors are significantly engaged with this site.

3 – SuperRare

Speaking of the top NFT marketplaces, SuperRare, on no occasion, can be left out. It’s as good of a pick as OpenSea and Rarible. SuperRare started its journey in 2017 and has been one of the dominating NFT marketplaces ever since. This platform reduces the fear of counterfeit to a great extent since any NFT art displayed on SuperRare is unique, scarce, and authenticated, although that’s what Non-Fungible Token is all about. NFT artists and collectors alike can effortlessly synchronize with SuperRare for their NFT trades.

SuperRare is growing slowly but surely, not to mention it is still in its early stages. Therefore, it may be an ideal preference for some who are in socially-suited environments. However, its gas fees are relatively higher than those two (mentioned above). And that’s because it guarantees royalties.

4 – Foundation

Foundation is another choice for collecting, selling, and making auctions of your valuable NFTs. This platform is led by its community, where they can mint their Non-Fungible Token artifact impeccably. It came to existence on the online premises in 2020. Display your NFTs for more attention on Foundation. Also, its community gets to decide where their NFT be flaunted, either on its home page or any other. You can host live auctions through this platform for your NFT art.

Besides, it’s an Ethereum-based marketplace, where you get the benefits of its privacy-centric qualities as well. Lately, Foundation has been making quite a load of NFT sales – near millions per week. Keep in mind this platform requires a crypto wallet when processing any transactions.

5 – Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway contributes to the NFT markets by offering users to invest in the most desirable assets known as ‘Nifties.’ This platform blends with the most brilliant artists to create high-quality and limited-edition Nifties. Nifty Gateway entered the Non-Fungible Token market landscape in 2018, along with some leading NFT artists, Kenny Scharf, Jon Burgerman, Cey Adams, and Trevor Jones.

Although it ensures a centralized ground, unlike the ones mentioned, Nifty Gateway allows fiat money transactions (credit cards are enabled). Even better, more seamless payment options are in scope on this platform so that users are not left out. Most of all, Nifty Gateway specializes in assisting NFT holders with validating and making profits for them.

6 – Mintable

Next, in our list of the top NFT marketplaces comes Mintable. It’s another decentralized NFT marketplace that charges no upfront gas fees. In other words, users can continue with Non-Fungible Token minting without worrying about any gas fees. More to Mintable, it’s an Ethereum-based network that helps NFT collectors and sellers alike a seamless floor for NFT trade – of all kinds. In 2018, Mintable registered itself as an online trading platform for NFTs. Also, it’s assisted by Mark Cuban (the famous cryptocurrency devotee).

Mintable allows you to create smart contracts with a breeze. A technical or non-technical individual can utilize this platform without any issues. On top of that, it’s scalable, available to any, and grants users’ their true ownership of NFTs. Therefore, we would recommend choosing this platform as well since it’s easily reachable and highly user-friendly.

Closing Thoughts

All you can hear in the digital spaces these days is NFT! Perhaps it deserves public attention since it brings innovative change and growth, especially in the digital economy. From what NFT marketplaces we’ve mentioned in this blog, choosing from any of them is a perfect option for your NFT trading. More importantly, as far as the number of NFT marketplaces is concerned, they’re a great many, although what we’re offering to you are the best ones. Those above-mentioned Non-Fungible Token marketplaces are ruling over the online space, and choosing any would undoubtedly prove a lucrative prospect for you. Decisively, all those mentioned NFT marketplaces have a similar goal in mind. That is, those platforms intend to take the NFT trade to the next level and bring more credible NFT arts to their users.