How To Make Money By Selling Your NFT on OpenSea?


OpenSea is one of the most famous NFT platforms when we consider the best NFT platforms for selling artwork. At the beginning of 2022, more than 550,000 users are on the platform, and the artist is making millions by joining the OpenSea. 

The non-fungible tokens(NFT) provide immense profit to the artist by creating unique digital assets. 

The NFT marketplace has grown immense popularity nowadays, and many famous artists & big brands are also joining the platform to make a sale on the NFT marketplace. Many artists still have curiosity about how they can enlist their artwork on the NFT platform and how they can make money; This blog will let you know how you can make money by selling your NFT on the Opensea clone.

Popular & Most Expensive NFTs Sold Till Now

Here are some of the NFTs which made history by getting sold at the highest price possible. 

The Merge

The Merge by Pak became the most expensive NFT in history. In December 2021, The Merge got sold on the NFT marketplace for $91.8 million. More than 25000 people came to buy digital art.

Everydays: the First 5000 Days

Beeple is one of the renowned names in the NFT marketplace, and the users on the platform are crazy about Beeple’s digital creations. Beeple pledged to make at least one digital art every day in 2007, and from then, he created so. Later made the college of that 5000 digital art in one “Everydays: the First 5000 Days,” which was sold for $69.3 million and became the most expensive NFT purchased by one user. 

Beeple’s HUMAN ONE

Again Beeple’s HUMAN ONE is one of the most expensive digital art sold on the platform for $28.98 million. One of the digital arts was committed to doing at least one digital art every day.

You’ll be able to take see the NFT patterns for motivation – and in case you still have any doubts regarding what a non-fungible token truly is, we’d suggest perusing our what are NFTs explainer beyond any doubt you’re clued up sometime recently going any encouraged.

The foremost thing that you will need for enlisting your NFT in OpenSea is:

  • An Ethereum wallet
  • Minimum balance of Ethereum 
  • Any number of NFTs

So let’s see how to make money with OpenSea:

Get Cryptocurrency For The Wallet

Firstly all the NFTs should be minted s; without that, the NFT auction platform won’t accept that. The payment is made via cryptocurrency; if you want to enlist your digital art on the platform, you must add cryptocurrency to the wallet. 

Ether is the foremost commonly acknowledged money since it’s the local cryptocurrency of the open-source blockchain stage Ethereum, where NFTs begin with propelled. Be that as it may, a few stages are beginning to acknowledge an assortment of payment designs and to form NFTs using different blockchains. 

If you possess a few ETH and have it in a digital wallet, you’ll get to interface to your chosen NFT stage to create (and get) installments. If you do not have money, a parcel of cryptocurrency trades out there where you’ll purchase ETH or other monetary standards. Still, the fastest and least demanding alternative is, more often than not, to purchase ETH specifically along with your computerized wallet of choice.

Create Wallet 

To make a digital wallet with MetaMask, you’ll have to go to its website and press the blue ‘Download’ button within the top-right. As we’re employing a desktop computer, we’ll choose to introduce the browser expansion, but there’s too a versatile app.

You will be asked to affirm that you simply wish to ‘create a modern wallet and seed phrase.’ Do not stress what ‘seed phrase’ implies (it’s fundamentally a list of words storing blockchain data). Say yes; at that point, it’s essentially a matter of concurring to the terms, making a secret word, and making your way through a few security measures; at that point, you’ll have your account set up.

Add Crypto To Wallet

Most digital wallets work comparably. Whichever one you’ve chosen, you’ll have to interface it to the NFT stage that you’ll utilize to offer the NFT. For illustrative purposes, we’re utilizing Rarible. Still, there are many other NFT stages to select from, and the method will, for the most part, be comparative to what we layout underneath.

Click on the connect to Wallet call to action button, and the section will take you to the next landing page, where you will need to choose the wallet provider. After selecting the wallet movie to the next step and accepting the terms and conditions 

The trade or enlisting on any of the platforms is only valid for those above the age of 13. 

Upload Your NFT

Now you will have a wallet with cryptocurrency, and now you can buy other NFTs or sell your NFTs on the platform. For enlisting the artwork, press the ‘Create’ button to move to the next step, and then you will have to choose between the multiple options where you have to select whether you want to sell the NFT multiple times or one time.

After selecting any options, one needs to add their artwork to the platform. The NFT can be any type of file with video, music, painting, graphics, etc. 

Put The NFT For Auction

The next step of the NFT  Within another portion of the frame, you’ll get to select how to offer your NFT work of art. There are three alternatives. ‘Fixed price’ permits you to set a cost and offer your NFT right away. The ‘Unlimited Auction’ alternative will permit individuals to make offers until you acknowledge one. At last, ‘Timed auction’ is a sell-off that, as it were, keeps going for a set time. 

These are the three options we have to choose between. The difficult thing is to set the price; setting up the price of any artwork is difficult because if you set up the cost with a low number, then obviously that will be not so profitable for you even if your artwork is unique as others. Setting up a low price for the NFT will eat up all the profit. 

Add Description For NFT

Add the description for your digital asset in the description panel to let people know what your thought is behind listing the particular artwork and what is making your artwork unique, and how you came up with this digital asset. 

Description of any products, even in the real world, is important as you let people know your thoughts behind the products and the detailed information about the product. 

Add Royalty Percentage

The next thing you have to choose is the percentage of royalties you want to resell your asset.

It is not necessary that if any of the users purchase your digital artwork, they will keep it to themselves only; NFT platforms like OpenSea and other platforms also provide the option to resale the item.

The best thing about NFT is that it will list any of the assets for reselling, then after the deal, the original creator of the artwork will receive a royalty from the third-party seller.

So setting up the royalty percentage is also important, and again it’s a little complicated if one will ask for more percentage, then the trader will not appear for buying. 

After selecting, you have to pay the listing charges for using the OpenSea platform for selling your NFT.

Ready To Make Money

That’s all you have to do or come up with for listing your digital asset to the OpenSea platform. The best thing about OpenSea is that there are many users available on the platform as there are very few platforms currently available for NFT selling. Very soon, you will get users who will approach the product for buying or bid in the auction. An auction is never a bad option as it helps make more profit from the artwork or any such product.