Opensea clone – Create NFT Marketplace like Opensea



OpenSea, the first NFT marketplace that was launched in 2017 on the Ethereum blockchain network. The launch of OpenSea platform has made a huge impact in the crypto world. OpenSea had its own path in the crypto world reaching several heights and creating milestones with its own unique features. OpenSea becomes the most popular NFT marketplace because of its features and continuous updation in its platform to attract crypto users. The present NFT trend is because of Opensea. OpenSea platform has the highest market value than any other NFT marketplace. NFT market-value is more than billion dollars and launch of OpenSea is the major factors for growth of NFTs.

OpenSea has now adopted various features and is still making its own updation according to the crypto trends. OpenSea travels with the trend since its launch from accepting various digital assets, minting those assets as NFT. At present, OpenSea is accelerating the multi-chain concept and also the debit/credit card payment. OpenSea with its multi-chain concept now lists NFTs also with the Polygon blockchain network, where users can trade NFTs for Polygon cryptos. As OpenSea makes its trend towards the future, many OpenSea clones are developed in the Crypto World.

OpenSea Clone

OpenSea clone is a similar marketplace developed with the clone script where multiple features can be added on with its core functionalities. The overwhelming support for the OpenSea platform is main reason for the launch of multiple NFT marketplaces and the development of OpenSea Clones. OpenSea Clone Script is a White label NFT marketplace script that functions in a similar way to the OpenSea platform developed to mint and list the NFTs in the platform in an auction or open bid.

OpenSea clone accepts NFTs to list on its platform from various domains such as images, videos, music, metaverse, and more digital collectibles. Developers can plan OpenSea Clone development on various blockchain networks than Ethereum. Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, and the blockchain networks that are in current trend is the first choice to develop the OpenSea Clone. Also, the OpenSea clone can be developed with interchain operability.

How to create an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea?

Developers plan the OpenSea clone script development on various blockchain networks as per the client’s requirement for that platform. The experts start their process from UI development and finish off with testing the developed clone script. 

  • UI development
  • Determine the blockchain
  • Wallet Integration
  • Development of smart contracts
  • Coding of necessary features
  • Testnet & Deployment

UI development – Designers design the most attractive user interface for the clone script to attract the user to the platform.

Determine the blockchain – The blockchain network has to be determined before the platform development and choosing a blockchain network wisely will determine the future growth of the platform.

Development of Smart Contracts – Most of the NFT marketplaces are decentralized, so all the functions of the OpenSea clone are monitored and processed with the Smart Contracts.

Wallet Integration – After the development of the functions for the platform, multiple wallets are integrated with the marketplace to make it easy to access for the users.

Coding of necessary features – After the development of the marketplace multiple features are added to the platform which attracts various aspects of users to the platform.

Testing & deployment – Blockchain experts analyze the vulnerabilities, bugs of the developed platform and fix those issues and deploy them on the client’s server.

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How does OpenSea Clone work?

OpenSea clone works with similar functionalities of the OpenSea platform. From minting to transaction all operations work in a similar way. Let’s see the OpenSea clone function from both the buyer and seller point of view. 


The seller of the NFT needs to sign up for the platform and integrate the crypto wallet. If the seller is the creator of NFT or if not minted as NFT it has to be minted. The person has to mint the NFT in the platform before it’s listed on the marketplace. It can be minted on the platform with a service fee. The seller can list the minted NFT in an auction or open bid by determining the value of the NFT.


As well as buyers also need to sign up for the platform and integrate the crypto wallet the users use. The buyer can find out the needed NFT with the categories and filter features present in the platform. Buyer can take part in auction and seller needs to approve the bid after the time period for NFT exchange. Once the transaction takes place crypto is transferred with service fee to seller and NFT is transferred from the seller to the buyer wallet.

Why build an OpenSea clone Script?

NFT market value has crossed the billion-dollar mark in just the first half of 2021. OpenSea has made a record in transacting cryptos worth more than a million dollars in a single day. NFT was the hot topic of 2021 in the crypto sphere because of the interest of many young users towards NFT and crypto. The knowledge of blockchain networks and NFTs are acquired by most of the young generation peoples and started adopting it. Launching an NFT marketplace like OpenSea will benefit the businessmen and the investors to gain profit in millions. Most entrepreneurs choose OpenSea clone because of unique and futuristic features, and the OpenSea clone can be launched instantly to global users. OpenSea clone offers various trading options from multiple domains. And its interoperability features are the main cause for the development of OpenSea clone.


OpenSea, the best NFT marketplace at present in the crypto sphere, and now it has now surpassed billion-dollar market value. By transacting million dollars per day and the OpenSea community is continuously expanding all over the globe.

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