Established NFT Projects With The Coolest NFTs


The NFTs have taken the globe on a rollercoaster ride in their short span of existence. And the excitement continues for the foreseeable future, with the number of use-cases and growth trajectory rising exponentially. Even though the sector was started with simply “art” as the sole industry that has dominated the sector. Due to the nature of NFTs being adaptable and the sector being digitally native in itself – any industry that has been able to integrate themselves in the internet or digital format can potentially pierce into the NFT realm.

In the article, let’s look at some of the top NFT marketplaces, with their special niches, in the sector and their prominent works in brief.

Best NFT Marketplaces

The platform has risen to its heights in the Indian and the global markets with its NFT launches. From their highly revered Amitabh NFTs to the Stan Lee NFTs, The Hindustan Times NFTs, and India’s first NFT metaverse marriage. Each project was a killer in the marketplace, with whole projects sold as a whole in mere seconds. The secondary marketplace is witnessing unparalleled heights, with NFTs traded at 400 times their original price.

Hyper Sloths

Hyper sloths are the most adorable, 8000, most unique 3D art pieces in the NFT realm. Even their motto for the market is very compelling. The artist responsible for the project has been a veteran in the 3D art game for a couple of decades now. Their roadmap is very well thought out, fun, and interactive – with games, a mobile application to interact with the NFT, and much more. They have the bonus of the “earn to play” model, where members who purchase the projects receive some exclusive rewards.

Grumpy Pandaz

The grumpy pandaz are 8888 one-of-a-kind NFT art pieces developed on the ERC-721 Ethereum blockchain standards. The platform has curated an exciting array of utilities and interactive spaces along with the NFTs. This makes the space more interactive and keeps it fun. Metaverse casinos, poker tournaments, slot machines, and tangible merchandise are some of the perks of the platform. The grumpy pandaz has also deployed the “play to earn” model to bring a gaming environment into the space.

Meta Penguin Island

The cuteness-overload NFT project with the cutest 8888 unique penguins NFTs in 4K resolution.

They take pride in their artwork, as they should. The platform is littered with exquisite pieces that are very engaging. The penguins also had their birth on the ERC-721, Ethereum blockchain. The platform has metaverse, merchandise, and many more goodies upcoming as part of their announcement in the roadmap.

Meta Icon

The platform consists of a collection of 7777 icons. Not just by name, they are iconic and stand out from the rest. Exquisite craftsmanship is what their project exudes with a detailed roadmap and a few other goodies for the members of the fun platform. The Sky’s the limit. They hit the fashion “nail on the head” in the NFT realm with fashionable avatars that are here to steal your heart.

Concluding Thoughts On The Top NFT Marketplaces

From art to music, gaming, metaverse, virtual real estate, documentation, proof of identity, etc. The use cases are frankly endless, and anyone daring enough to trade in the platform that resonates with them can get the hang of it pretty quickly. Start your NFT journey in any of these marketplaces and start trading your next big break.